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How To Buy Gift Cards On NOSH
How To Buy Gift Cards On NOSH

Explaining gift card purchase procedure on NOSH.

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The process is simple.

1. Kindly login to the Nosh app.

2. Click on Buy/ Sell Gift Cards on your user dashboard.

3. Click on BUY GIFT CARDS.

4. Select the GIFT CARD COUNTRY e.g United States.

5. Select the BRAND NAME of the gift card you want to buy e.g Amazon.

6. You will be required to select the GIFT CARD AMOUNT and the QUANTITY you want to purchase,

7. Click on Proceed

Once you do that, the amount to Pay would be displayed.

8. Verify the inputted information and Click on Proceed

9. Ensure you carefully read the terms of purchase,

10. Swipe to Complete Order

Your gift code will be delivered to you within a few seconds.


Understand that gift cards are solely for purchasing goods, services, and subscriptions on the corresponding brand platforms. Be sure what you are about to order is what you need before proceeding with the order.

Also, be aware that a refund can not be granted once the code is delivered.

Feel free to contact us if you need instructions on how to redeem your purchased gift card.

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